Jackson, NJ Energy Plan to Cut Electric Bills

Jackson Township residents can expect annual savings of $150 to $200 on their electricity bills if the township’s administration approves an initiative known as Government Energy Aggregation.  The Township recently interviewed Good Energy, a national energy consulting firm and is considering moving into an agreement with them.  The agreement is now under review.

If the Township moves forward with an aggregation program, Good Energy, estimates that it would lower electricity costs by 15 to 18 percent.  In order to move forward, the Township must select a consultant with whom to work.  The agreement to work with Good Energy would allow Jackson Township to participate in a government energy aggregation program which Good Energy is running in New Jersey.  Brick and Lakewood are reviewing a similar energy aggregation plan while Plumsted and Toms River have already begun a program

“Energy aggregation is essentially a tool for leveraging massive purchasing power,” said Philip Carr, business development manager for Good Energy. “Essentially, a single household would get the same buying power as... (a major company) when it comes to energy.”

Energy aggregation was made legal in the Government Energy Aggregation Act of 2003, and allows a municipality to bundle the electricity needs of all of the residents within the township together to negotiate with suppliers for better rates. The township, according to state law, cannot make money from the aggregation. And all residents will be granted the option to opt-out of the program, should they decide to try to find a better rate on their own.

“I think this is a great idea,” said Councilman Barry Calogero. “Anything to save the residents money is fantastic and should be looked into.”

If you would like more information about municipal aggregation, click here. For the full article, see below.

 Asbury Park Press: Jackson energy plan to cut electric bills