Jackson County Will Pursue Energy Aggregation Option

Government energy aggregation is one of the easiest ways to save money for residents. Authorized in 2003 by the Government Energy Aggregation Act, it allows municipal leaders to aggregate - or combine - the energy needs of residents, allowing them to negotiate lower rates, in this case, for electricity supply. On July 9th, the Township Council of Jackson began the process of beginning an aggregation program, just as 90 other communities have done.   Good Energy presented and made the case to the Council for the program.

Good Energy is an energy management and consulting firm specializing in government energy aggregation. The firm is at the forefront of government energy aggregation. For the last two years, they have been running similar aggregation programs in Illinois, serving over 550,000 households and saving an estimated $100 million for those residents. They recently made inroads into New Jersey, generating excitement in the  Jackson County Council about the opportunity to save residents money in the same way.

“I think this is a great idea and a great opportunity,” said Councilman Barry Calogero, who has experience with the benefits of aggregation from his time living in New York.

Government energy aggregation is expected to save residents between $150 and $200 per year. In addition, residents will no longer have  to wade through solicitations from the growing list of  energy providers.

“You have about 67 different markets, all blitzing your household with...a whole variety of offers. Some of these are fairly legitimate offers, some are entirely unscrupulous,” said Phillip Carr, Good Energy’s business development director. Aggregation will reduce or eliminate the need to compare and decipher these offers, instead, empowering officials to negotiate for the best rates.

For those residents who wish not to participate, there is nothing requiring them to join the aggregation. “At no stage is anybody ever locked into something they do not want,” said Carr.

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Source: Jackson Council Will Pursue Energy Aggregation Option