NY-Headquartered Good Energy is the Best Choice to Build and Lead Government Energy Aggregation Programs in New Jersey

Government Energy Aggregation (“GEA”), as it is known in NJ, is legislation which allows local governments and municipalities to pool the energy usage (in this case electricity)of its’ residential and non-residential account holders, in order to lower cost by creating a bulk purchasing opportunity with a licensed Third Party Supplier (“TPS”) of electricity.   Energy aggregation programs have proven enormously successful in some states, perhaps no more than in Illinois, where 667 communities have initiated a program and are now saving literally millions and millions of dollars on their electricity supply.  Good Energy, a New York City-based energy management and consulting firm has, over the course of three years, built a coalition of 149 of those communities, nearly a quarter of the entire aforementioned list, and achieved the lowest electricity rate in the state, setting the benchmark for electricity prices in Illinois.

Good Energy has also had tremendous success within the commercial & industrial segment, particularly in NJ, where since 2008, the firm has operated the second largest public aggregation of municipal properties in the entire state.  This aggregation, different from GEA, but using similar bulk purchasing  fundamentals, is comprised of 92 different entities in 17 counties, again, saving participants millions of public dollars.  Support for the program has been extremely positive and steadfast, having been both extended and renewed through the end of 2016.

With an exemplary record both in government energy aggregation and public commercial & industrial aggregation, no other company is as well qualified to be tasked with operating your GEA program.  The firm has a long-standing and successful history in NJ, and brings in depth experience and best practices from other states where community opinion on aggregation has been resoundingly favorable.