What is Government Energy Aggregation?

Government Energy Aggregation is a program that allows local governments in the Garden State to create a large buying group of residential and non-residential electricity accounts in order to seek bids for cheaper energy rates.  Customers... READ MORE 

What are the Benefits of Government Energy Aggregation?

The key benefit to Government Energy Aggregation is the ability for residential and non-residential account holders to save money on their electric bills. ... READ MORE


How does Government Aggregation work?

First, the Municipality must discuss and approve a resolution or ordinance giving their government the authority to proceed and construct an aggregation program... READ MORE

How does Government Energy Aggregation impact my current situation and electricity bill?

The impact of Government Energy Aggregation is primarily savings, though participants will actually see some of the line items on their utility bill disappear, effectively making your bill easier to understand.  You will continue... READ MORE

When will the Government Energy Aggregation program go into effect?

Government Energy Aggregation in NJ is a fairly recent municipal law and for that reason, is being very closely monitored via a nine-step process managed by the Board of Public Utilities.  Once those... READ MORE

Do I have to participate in the Government Energy Aggregation program if I do not want to?

No. Residential and non-residential account holders can Opt-Out without penalty.  Opt-Out notices... READ MORE

When will I start seeing a reduction in my electricity bill?

The earliest participants would receive bills with new rates as early as June/July, 2013.  But remember, the new rate... READ MORE

Am I hurting my Utility by using a Third Party Supplier?  Will my Utility penalize me for switching?

Not at all.  Because of deregulation law enacted in 1999 in New Jersey, your Utility no longer makes money from the electricity it generates.  It does, however... READ MORE

Who do I call if there is an outage or issues with my electricity bill?

All service and billing questions will continue to be directed to... READ MORE

I am currently receiving offers from TPSs promising lower electricity rates.  What should I do?

The earliest the Government Energy Aggregation program is likely to begin for those not already participating is June/July 2013.  Consumers... READ MORE

How can I get more information about Government Energy Aggregation?

Various public meetings and information sessions will take place through, and following, Bid Day.  Please check for announcements from your municipality... READ MORE

Who is Good Energy?

Good Energy, LP has been running large and small Government Energy Aggregation programs in various states across the country since 2008.  Good Energy is headquartered in New York City, with its Government Energy Aggregation operations presently concentrated in Illinois and New Jersey... READ MORE