Good Energy at KEMA Part 8: A Look Ahead to the Future of Municipal Aggregation

This is the eighth and final post in a series looking at Charles de Casteja, Managing Partner for the New York-based municipal aggregation consulting firm Good Energy, at the 2013 KEMA Conference.

This series has examined municipal aggregation through the lens of Good Energy managing partner Charles de Casteja. It focused on what municipal aggregation is, how it saves customers money, where it is currently offered, what arenas municipal aggregation may break into in the near future, and how Good Energy became a powerhouse aggregation consulting firm. With an established track record of success in municipal aggregation, it’s time to focus on where municipal aggregation is heading.

“It’s going to come to other states. We’re working on it. It’s popular. We’ve got some feelers that things are going to happen, so it’s going to continue.” The popularity and success of municipal aggregation, thus far, has generated serious interest from other states, according to de Casteja. Lawmakers are beginning to establish new laws around the concept of municipal aggregation, making it something to look out for in states which currently do not have the great benefits of aggregation.

There will be changes to how aggregation saves residents money. “I think the fixed price option, at some point in the future, depending on what state you’re in, may become a percentage of savings; going back to more of a variable product,” says de Casteja. This change would allow residents to aggregate with confidence, since the aggregated rate will always be lower than the market.

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