Good Energy at KEMA Part 7: Get Involved Early and Set a Clear Message

This is the seventh in an eight part series looking at Charles de Casteja, Managing Partner for the New York based municipal aggregation consulting firm Good Energy, at the 2013 KEMA Conference.

The team at Good Energy has wide-ranging knowledge of the municipal energy aggregation process from beginning to end, including a superior knowledge of the laws which control aggregation. A solid understanding of the laws surrounding municipal energy aggregation will help any company ensure a program is operated properly. The revelation from de Casteja that “one of the secrets to our success in these markets has been becoming involved at the stakeholder level,” comes, then, as no surprise.

Any company invested in the creation of the laws, following them from formation through their passing in the state assembly, has a clear advantage in understanding the intricacies of the rules. Good Energy is fully vested in this fact as it moves forward in the municipal energy aggregation arena. In discussing the direction of Good Energy, De Casteja says, “right now we’re in four workshops pushing, maybe not just municipal aggregation, but other things that we’d like to see in the market.”

Further, there is a need to set a clear message and to act responsibly. This is why Good Energy and its partners always act professionally; the many benefits of aggregation would never be realized if there was not a clear, responsible message. “There’s a state I’m working on right now and pretty much I’m talking daily with the four suppliers that I think will serve it. And we all are working together to make sure that the message [is clear] and that everyone is behaving responsibly.”

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